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        7月30日 Tsuyoshi Minami :Supramolecular Material-based Chemical Sensors(化學優秀學者系列學術報告)


        Tsuyoshi Minami was born in Saitama in 1983. Heobtained his PhD from Tokyo Metropolitan University (2011), under the directionof Professor Yuji Kubo. During his PhD studies he worked with Professor Tony D.James of University of Bath on collaborative projects. He was a PostdoctoralResearcher (2011–2013) and a Research Assistant Professor (2013) at BowlingGreen State University, working with Associate Professor Pavel Anzenbacher, Jr.He then joined Yamagata University as an Assistant Professor (2014–2016). Hehas been a tenure Lecturer at The University of Tokyo since 2016. His interestsinclude supramolecular analytical chemistry, self-assembled materials andorganic transistors for sensing applications.